Monday, November 5, 2012

The Night Before America Changes

It is the night before the election. The fate of America comes down to tomorrow. This may be a moment I recall in the future to my children. Sitting on my couch, feeling the vibrations of my cat's pur through my legs as she lies on my lap- without the slightest understanding of this moment. I'm typing on my open blogger page, not really knowing what to write...or even think. It is the night before America changes- REALLY changes. For better? For worse? Funny that although I am pretty involved and passionate about politics justice, freedom, and this Nation under God...I have no motivation to write some big poilitcal piece promoting the canidate I hope wins...I guess I'm just sick. Sick of all the politics. It's all I have heard about and discussed about for the last six months. Some of what I heard made my heart pound with enthusiasm, while seemingly more often making my heart twist with frustration and at times- yes, I'll admit- anger. Some of those discussions were of an agreeing irritation- others made me want to slam my head into a prevent myself from slamming theirs into a wall. Why am I not writing anything political? Why am I sitting here writing about what to write? Maybe I'm just too tired to dig up information and articles and evidence, and too tired to raise my blood pressure. Maybe I've realized that after all the arguing, fighting, debating, being exasperated from biased media coverage, trying to get through the thick-skulls of some selfish idiots, and worrying about what's to just a waste of time. God is in control. He has plans which we don't know. While I'm praying for a president who will keep this one nation- one nation under God, He may have a different plan. Who knows. This may be the night before the begining of the next great persecution.

I have not lost hope, but I am no longer relying on it.
I now rely on trust.

In God We Trust.


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