Sunday, July 14, 2013


Revenge takes purpose out of suffering. It only travels in reverse. It gets you no where.
There is always reward through suffering. Some do not endure the suffering, and by trying to escape it, may lose their reward, yet they still served a purpose because others are affected by that suffering.

If someone were to be caused great hardship, and upon leaving the suffering is given a great reward, they may either-
1. take the reward, and benefit others
2. use their reward to quench their vengeance against those who did them wrong.

But what a waste! What a waste of life, of suffering, and of a reward! This person has been wronged, but then by using the gifts which came out of their suffering, to get their revenge on their wrongdoers- what has been accomplished? For someone's sole purpose in life to be to hurt those who hurt them..."an eye for an eye"...what has changed? We all still have an eye- except now we've all been wounded, and our eyes- mine in your hand, and yours in mine- serve no purpose since they aren't in our sockets...but, oh sure- we're "even."

A man, betrayed and unjustly imprisoned, upon escape is blessed with unfathomable wealth. Instead of taking this wealth, giving back in gratitude towards those who did good to him (which he does to a degree), sharing it with those he loved, and focusing on assisting others less fortunate (such as he once was, dying in prison), he uses it to take revenge on those who betrayed him. With this wealth given by providence, he wants only to play providence. He spends majority of his after-escaped life and fortune dealing out his vengeance. Once all who had in his eyes destroyed him had been destroyed BY him, what has he achieved? What is left? What purpose does he have? If these people had never betrayed him- yes he would not have suffered as he did- but even more he would not have received the wealth and power which he did. His betrayers were not only responsible for his suffering, but for his wealth. He then takes that wealth to unleash his revenge against them, claiming that only death can stop him from this. If these people had not done wrong to him, the ill-fortune caused by the man's revenge would not have happened to them.
He does not succeed in triumph, but only allows his life to be ended and wasted by these actions of theirs.
A person thirsting for revenge allows himself to be conquered by those who did wrong to him. They do not live their life, but focus and remain on this hurt. They are given a gift and purpose through their suffering, but they then choose to spend it on those who caused them to suffer.

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