Saturday, November 16, 2013

Into the Black Hole

You are tethered to a spec of dust which revolves around a mass of fire, which inevitably spirals with others into a hole of nothingness, never to return. You are on your way. It is only a matter of time- spacetime, that is.
The closer your system gets to the black hole at the center of the galaxy, the faster you travel and the more rapidly you are pulled in.

An enormous space creature or ship with massive, spiny legs passes by in the distance before being sucked into the blinding black hole in an instant. 
It gets tight as you approach the vacuum. Everything is peaceful and then *WHAM* you, people, trucks, buildings, creatures...everything on your hemisphere of the earth is catapulted miles into the air. Nothing returns to the ground for over twenty minutes. Another planet had slammed into the other side of the world. The globe is no longer a sphere.
Its smashed side causes the world to ferociously half-spin, as the remaining half of the earth slips around the axis, gravitating towards the destination of despair.
A colossal shadow begins to rapidly blanket what remains of the earth. Everything is dark. You see nothing. An earsplitting screech is accompanied by an uproarious grumble. It is then silenced by deafness. You hear nothing. Suddenly, the world is lit up once again by massive gobs and streaks of fire spurting forth from the ground. A moon grinds against the earth as it is shoved between your planet and another.
You see it approaching. Mile-wide chunks of the earth are erupting from it's surface as a moon grooves a gigantic gorge into the globe. The trailing trough goes deep into the mantle of the earth. Immense heat blasts from this valley.
Somehow, you have survived. But only you. You are the only one left.
In the next instance, other objects in space begin to soar past the earth at hypersonic speeds. This causes gusts and currents of wind which chip off the tops of mountains. Water is spinning hundreds of miles high. Cyclones the size of what used to be China now dance around each other in destruction.
You see two gargantuan orbs swiftly approaching what is left of your planet. They are about to collide.
In the far distance you can see it. That gaping hole of blackness.
In the next instance, blinding rays of light flash past you faster than it's own speed. Stars are disintegrating into gaseous blazing streaks. Not even light can escape a black hole.
The two advancing spheres grow more and more massive by the nanosecond.
You cling onto what is left of the world and brace yourself.

You lived on a molecule of a spec of dust which was being vacuumed amongst other dirt, dead bugs, and cheerios, on a suburban kitchen floor.

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