Monday, September 17, 2012

Black Ice

I wrote this on a long car ride during a blizzard. Cars were flipped over in the ditches about every ten yards. It was scary, but I know God was watching over us. Because of our destination, it was an emotional journey for me. And as I saw the wrecked cars pass by through my window, this is what I thought.

I’m driving on an icy road

In the dark, cold night.

Cars upside-down and in ditches

To my left and to my right.

I must drive cautiously and slowly

So I do not pay the price

For not being aware

Of the misleading black ice.

And these other cars,

I have no doubt,

Will be much more careful

After being saved from their spin-out.

This road is my life,

My temptations

-the ice.

Others are not careful

And lose control,

And into the ditches and depression

They roll.

They have to sit there

Until they call

On the One Who can save them

When they fall.

I must focus on the road

And not go too fast,

Because I never know

When I’ll be driving for my last.


Thursday, September 13, 2012


[This was supposed to be posted on Tuesday, but I was having internet problems.]

Where we were on that day eleven years ago, is something we shall NEVER FORGET.

I was standing below the phone, facing the wall, which bore the poster of the Pledge of Allegiance. I tried to say the words as my brother did- though I was a syllable behind- and I concentrated on the letters of that page, trying to match the words I heard with the symbols I saw, all while wondering why we were "invisible" under God.

*BRRRIIIING* The phone rang.

"Hello?" Mom answered.

I can't recall her vocal response, but I do remember her face. It was stiff. Her hands trembled as she held the phone. My brother and I stood looking up at her, anticipating what the other half of the conversation could possibly be.

She eventually hung up the phone and turned to look down at us.
"Two airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers intentionally."
She shook.
I didn't quite understand. But what I did understand was that my mom and dad were frightened. My protectors-who weren't even afraid of monsters or robbers-were afraid now. They were afraid of this.
I may not have known exactly why- but I knew that I was scared too.


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