Monday, December 30, 2013

A Horrible Bit of Hope

I know this may seem like is a really terrible thought, but I just had a realization. If society continues down their path of promoting abortions, sterilizations, contraception, same sex marriage...and all this "don't're over populating the world...children ruin your dreams and life and body..." there is actually a horrible bit of hope in the end of all this...

Of course, it is not a new realization that they are going to wiping out entire cultures and huge fractions of the population. But who is it that they are weeding out? Themselves. They are killing themselves. They won't have any new children to teach their sick and perverted, irresponsible, promiscuous, murderous ways. And who will be the survivors? Our children's children...or their children...possibly another generation, I don't know how long it will take. But I do know that the survivors of the abortion holocaust will be the ones fighting against it. Don't you see? One way or another we WILL win. Eventually there will be no more of this anti-children society since there will be no more people to make up that society. It has taken many generations, and unfortunately billions of lives, and it will probably take many many more- in fact we most likely won't live to see the day- but the day WILL come.

But don't misread my tone. I am not rejoicing. No, the bloodshed is far to great to rejoice. We have a suicidal society. This does not mean we just sit back and wait while it kills itself. No. We intervene. We continue to fight for every life at stake. We must conquer in this battle with the least amount of causalities, even if that means one less innocent killed. But this does not only mean resistance- closing down abortion facilities, stopping contraception mandates, etc.- but assistance. Showing love to this suicidal society. Letting it know that life is indeed worth living. We need to help society put down the pills, knives, forceps, blades, body-shredding vacuums, and poison filled syringes. We need to help her recognize the fatality. And we need to help her find the reason to live.

This battle we fight is not one regarding whether or not this sickness will overcome or we put an end to all of it. Neither of those things will happen. The only way the sickness of society "wins" is if it dies. And we are not  the ones to put an end to it, society will end itself. This battle is over how many will be standing with us among the surviving.

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