Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools'

Happy April Fools Day everyone! (thought I'd forget to write on my favorite holiday? [*cough* I mean next to Jesus's birthday of course]).

Sorry I didn't post any before April 1st...I sort of forgot what day it was until late Saturday night. Some of these would be great to do...but after today I may need to give up my joy of pranking for a while [I wouldn't have posted them since my family reads this. *waves* hey mom.] if I can't do these, I might as well share with others.

Here are some Arpil Fools stories:

"The night before April Fools Day, I painted a bar of soap with clear nail polish. This makes the soap appear normal, but it won't lather at *all*. I put a small amount of syrup on the back of the knobs to the shower. When my husband went to turn on the shower in the morning, he got a hand full of syrup - he grabbed the soap to wash it off and it wouldn't lather! He still talks about this one year after year..."
"Unscrew the rim of the bathroom faucet after everyone has gone to sleep March 31,place an Easter Egg Dying tablet in and replace the rim.The next morning,the first one who turns on the faucet in the morning will get a blue (or green,yellow or red) surprise!! It just happens that all the stores are selling Easter Egg dying kits at this time." 
"on april fools 2006 I was about to ship MEPS and leave for basic.Since I would not be seeing my husband for a while I would give him a good April fools joke.... I bought a cheep pregnancy test and used a pink marker to make the two lines that says you are pos then put it back together.I knew my husband would be home soon so I called him sounding serious and told him that we had to step father met him at the door and told him I was in the bathroom I came out crying (eye drops) set the test in his hand and walked off before I started laughing....he freaked out and I came in laughing and told him april fools which he was relieved but not too month later on may 1st I kissed my husband and boys good bye and went to meps I returned home that evening Sobbing Im pregnant (real this time) he brushed it off thinking I was messing with him again so I showed him the official positive.I thought he was going to die laughing all the time saying APRIL FOOLS .....jan 1st 2007 I had my little girl"

"Superglue coins to the pavement. You'll need to find a spot that is both heavily trafficked and suitable for gluing; a front sidewalk or driveway works well, though you may need to clean the surface to get the coins to stick."
The following are pranks by companies [it won't let me put the videos here, but just follow the links]

The Peugeot RCZ: The mood colour changing car-

Oh, and let's not forget Google...who posted about their Google Maps 8-Bit Edition on their youtube channel:!
AND a personal favorite- Google tap:

Aaaand you can just go here to see what Kodak came up with:

...there's more but you probably have other things to do.

If Stu chews shoes, should Stu choose the shoes he chews?
 {it also happens to be International Tongue Twister Day}

OH. and also...being Palm Sunday:

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