Monday, February 20, 2012

The Mere Image|əɓɒɯι

The mirror lies. When we look in a mirror, it is for the purpose of judging ourselves…of being critically judgmental on ourselves. That…person…staring back…is the mirror disguising itself as you. She speaks, and your eyes listen. She deceives you, toys with your mind, convincing you to want to please her, sending you away disappointed, guiding you through harm, making empty promises that it will make you ‘happy’, when it only causes more pain. The mirror splits you from your body- Your mind on one side; your body on the other. The body speaks with her image, compelling your mind to believe her. You must realize that the reflection, the image, the one lying to you- is the one with no mind. You have the side with the mind, and more importantly, your soul, is on your side. But she lies, defining you, and making you believe that she can define you. But she does not. Your soul does, but the image on the other side of the glass, drowns out the voice of your soul. Her name is Vanity. You are at war. She has no mind, yet plays with yours. Vanity is the one you want dead, but she manipulates your mind into thinking that you are vanity, after all, she tries to define you as herself. She is a mindless, soulless, yet powerful, image. She is evil. Look around. Think of everyone around you. Take a step back, and notice how many are controlled by her powers. We literately kill ourselves to please her…starving ourselves, hurting ourselves, turning ourselves into objects for others to observe. Yes, that is it- Vanity is jealous. She is jealous of our minds and spirits. Her aim is to transform ourselves into her- a mere object to be judged, scrutinized, and emptied of mind and soul. She achieves this with lies, the language of her family, with help from her father, Pride, and her siblings, Envy, Wrath, Greed, and Lust. She hurts us all with what she has to say, while occasionally pleasing us with a false satisfaction. She convinces us all that she is the definition of us, and that we must focus on her to obtain ‘happiness’. She even uses each of us, against each other, whispering to our eyes to be judgmental of each other…just like her. We have all fallen for her lies and empty promises of ‘happiness’…but when we do follow what she promises, trying to please her, and hurting ourselves to death, mentally, physically, and spiritually…are we ever truly ‘happy’? …True happiness lies within God, and humility. But that is for another post…

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, we need to kill Vanity, and not let her kill us. Or at least take control. Like I said, she is a mindless, soulless image. You and I…we have not only a real body, but minds and souls as well. We have what she wants. We stand on the same side of the glass. Together, we can destroy her, the mere image.

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