Friday, February 17, 2012

My Tissue (Mount Tissue Comments)

My Tissue

I really don’t care for this poem- poetically, but it’s the idea and inspiration I had while being upset. So, my whole thought was, that when you are upset, you have this feeling inside of you. Then you let it out by crying…but you still have that pain from those tears, even though they help console you…they don’t always do the greatest job. Then you have the white tissue. The tissue is white, soft, clean, un-creased except for that perfect crease down the middle. Right when you use that to wipe away your tears, and ‘wipe away your pain’, it becomes dirty, wet, gross (may have a little snot in there? Lol) wrinkled…rolled up in a little ball, and thrown into the trash can. You continually do this until all your tears and sadness is all soaked up and in these little tissue balls. You transfer your ugly sadness into this ‘perfect’ tissue, which then carries the tears and pain. The mountain idea of the poem was more to express how much sometimes we must use them until we feel healed, and how they pile up in the trash. Jesus is our tissue. He wipes away our tears and pain, over and over again. Am I saying we should blow our nose in Jesus? No, we shouldn’t. But we do. That anger or sadness sometimes comes from others too, and it isn’t pretty, but Jesus takes it all away from us. Sadness or anger almost always is the feeling we have caused by some sin. Whether it be our own, or someone else’s, it is still sin, and still ugly. But Jesus, pure and creaseless, soaks up all that pain and blood of ours. He loses that beauty when we scourge Him, and then toss Him into the trash, or nail Him to a cross. But this is just the consequences of the sin, anger, sadness, and pain, and our Savior accepts the pain and penalty to heal us. It is another reason which makes our Savior so wondrous. No, “wondrous” doesn’t even begin to cut it… “Magnificent”, “Divine”, “Exalted”, “Glorious”…no, not a single earthly word can describe Him. But we can try- Love. He truly IS love. Allowing us to use Him as a tissue, to wipe away our tears, soak up our blood, and take away our pain and imperfections from us. Our Tissue.

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