Friday, February 17, 2012

Windows of Parallel Existence

Mirrors never cease to fascinate me. Then can be looked at with so many different views, and be observed from countless amounts of angles. Now, as I look not at the mirror, but into the mirror, I begin to play with some thoughts- Perhaps Mirrors are not merely reflections of light, but windows to [the] Parallel Universe[s], or a Parallel Existence. Perhaps they reflect and contain more than just the light and absence of light in this world, but sounds…life…and thoughts. How could a separate life, in a separate existence, hold the same thoughts as I? While I look in the mirror, I am thinking thoughts of what my parallel self is thinking- Which in turn must mean my parallel self, since she is a reflection, is reflecting those thoughts back…thinking what I am thinking…which results in an infinite circle of thoughts. In a practical way (no, never mind. “Practicality” is simply being dropped at the moment)- the different angle you look through the mirror, the more of the parallel universe you see- just as a window. In those regards, it is simply geometry of angles of what your eye observes. No, I am not done playing yet. I have another toy thought. We are the reflection…well, wait- no…that would be impossible, because if we are the reflection -the parallel reflected existence- then the world through that window has discovered the same thought, in the same instance, as well; which gives us back the ‘title’ of ‘true universe’ which would instantaneously reflect back, canceling each other out…resulting in another never ending circle. This leaves that neither reality is nor isn’t, a reflection nor ‘single existing’ reality- thus only leads back to the ‘parallelness’ of the realities.  But, do all mirrors reveal the same dimension of existence? That would mean there are only two of these universes…which does not agree with itself. If a mirror is facing another mirror, or in our case of terms a ‘reflecting parallel reality’ faces another ‘reflecting parallel reality’ they would reflect each other’s reflected parallel realities…revealing the infinite amount of parallel realities! This wholly agrees with the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci sequence, or perhaps best represented by the Golden Spiral, since for the result of boundless reflections within reflections, the gap between inter-reflections must be ‘measured’ to the golden ratio to become immeasurable…maybe this is why the mirror seems to ‘spiral’ when placed at this angle! (*sigh* I know I am not going to sleep tonight until I go into the bathroom and attempt to test this idea out) …okay you no longer have to suspend reality, and you can go back to looking at mirrors…because all this thinking about ‘parallel universe’ has me dropping the mirrors, and jumping to ‘parallel time’…
                I am sure (okay, I’m positive) that most of anyone who reads a clip of my thoughts is going to instantly confirm their long-time suspicion that- I indeed am crazy. Okay, so let’s completely
de-romanticize” this (and when I say I’m a ‘romantic’ I do not mean I am “in love with someone” or expect to live out the fairy tales and princess stories. I mean I am a ‘romanticist’, I think within romanticism: A movement in literature and the fine arts, beginning in the early nineteenth century, that stressed personal emotion, free play of the imagination, and freedom from rules of form")

[Okay, I took so long to explain romanticism, that you should probably start back from the beginning of this short paragraph and skip the parenthesis {lol I don’t feel like re-typing it}] and understand how mirrors reflect light, and where the beams meet determines what your eyes see [okay there is obviously so much more behind it, but I’m leaving it at that]. ‘Parallel Universe[s]’ have actually been a big topic in quantum physics…since to be very simple, quantum physics seems to study so much about the science of infinity, and going beyond beyond our world and comprehension…worlds where an atom is relatively enormous…or where our earth is relatively a particle. When I think/discuss/write my views and thoughts on this literately unceasing topic, whether it be in terms of space, time, existence…the point of the ideas are not necessarily solely about their particular never-ending, limitless amount, nature- But how whether or not there is simultaneous universes and times, and since we are indeed surrounded by infiniteness, there must, with absolutely no question, have to be an infinitely perfect existing Creator, above all the ubiquity, Who created all ubiquity, and Who is ubiquity.


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